Vision, Mission & Values

Our Vision

Communities where every person lives with dignity and enjoys a full life.

Our Mission

Supporting people to live as full citizens.

Our Values


ü  Every person is a unique individual, with strengths, abilities and value

ü  Making choices is a right, with support as necessary from friends, family and trusted advisors

ü  Each person is entitled to live with dignity and equality in a safe and secure environment


ü  Community is where we are known as individuals and as citizens

ü  Each community is strengthened by the inclusion of people from all walks of life

ü  We support social change that contributes to stronger, healthier communities for everyone


ü  We are honest and dependable in our interactions with others

ü  We support staff through training and engagement to advance our mission

ü  Best practices guide our efforts to provide flexible and responsive supports and services


ü  Personal outcomes of the people we serve guide decision making

ü  We use feedback to learn, grow and improve performance

ü  Our financial resources are used in innovative, cost-effective ways

Please see the link below for the CLS Ethical Code of Conduct/Professionalism and Conflict of Interest

CLS Code of Conduct

"I like that the Community Living Society is family-based and always puts the well-being of the supported individual first."

- Family Member