CLS offers a wide range of training opportunities, led by CLS and external facilitators. Core courses include:

  • CLS: A Way of Thinking - Orientation for all new employees (3 days)
  • Mandt System - Crisis Prevention and Intervention (1 day)
  • Docusystem: Critical Incident Reporting (1 day)
  • Leadership Development (7-days)
  • Attendance Management (1 day)
  • Health & Safety for Coordinators and Assistant Coordinators
  • American Sign Language (Beginners and Advanced)
  • Sharevision web-based management system

Mini-workshops are provided to teams as needed or by request, on subjects such as supporting people with Autism, FASD, Alzheimers or dementia. Other workshops include Conflict Resolution and Effective Communication, Team-building, and Back Care/Injury Prevention.