Community Inclusion Services


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The CLS can provide you with the personalized supports you need to achieve your goals, whether you are looking for a few hours of support to learn some new skills, or you need assistance to access your community, find work or get a volunteer job. In addition to one-to-one support, CLS can develop shared support for people who prefer to spend their time with their peers.

Individualized Supports

Not everyone wants to be supported out of a centre or as part of a group. For these people, we offer Individualized Supports, where services are provided one-to-one either in the community or in the person's home. The goals of people who choose Individualized Supports often include a desire to: 

  • increase their confidence and decision-making abilities
  • increase personal motiviation
  • have help to make new friends and have professional relationships
  • access and contribute to their community
  • improve their communication skills
  • budget and manage money
  • learn to cook and maintain a home.

This program is unique in that you and your family get choice in who will support you, when the supports will be provided, and how you will be assisted. The CLS hires support staff with diverse backgrounds in education, coaching and mentoring.

View our Individualized Supports Brochure for more information. To talk to someone at CLS about Individualized Supports, contact Elke Tilgner, Director of Community Inclusion.

Employment Services

At CLS we believe that everyone who wants to work - can work.

The CLS helps you to find the job you love or develop the skills you need to get work. The CLS will support you to achieve integrated community-based employment earning competitive wages and benefits like other members of the community.  

For more information read our Employment Development Brochure.

If you would like to talk to someone at CLS about Employment Services, please contact Tyler Vittie or Simi Bate - Employment Coordinators.

CLS staff member displaying potteryPotteryWorks is an exciting collective of talented painters, potters, photographers and jewelry-makers, mentored by a dedicated team of working artists, who create original works of art for exhibition and sale out of a studio/gallery space in New Westminster. Some of the PotteryWorks members receive support; while others attend independently. PotteryWorks provides an outstanding opportunity for people who love art and would like to learn to express their creative vision through various artistic media. The artists of PotteryWorks exhibit their work at art shows and galleries around the Lower Mainland. For more information, visit their website or to visit the studio, contact PotteryWorks at 604.533.7332, or click here to email the PotteryWorks Facilitator Dee Blackmore.

“I feel so good at the end of each day. I love the fact that I am working with a small group of friends, we all get along so good. This is the best job I’ve ever had!”

Andrew R. – Surrey

Studioseventythree, located in Surrey, is home to a group of artisits who work wtih glass to create beautiful glassware, decorative pieces and wearable art. These glass artists are fully trained in using techniques of modling and fusing to bring their original designs to life. The artists are supported by a team of professionals who assist them in learning new techniques, as well as in the use of glass kiln and other equipment. The artists of Studioseventythree exhibit their work at art shows and galleries around the Lower Mainland.

For sales or information, contact Jodi Leech at 778-565-5095, or click here to email Studioseventythree. You can also visit our online gallery at