Residential Services

The Community Living Society provides residential support to over 300 people in apartments and single-family homes located throughout the Lower Mainland of Vancouver and the Upper Fraser Valley. Residential support includes Staffed  Homes, Supported Independent Living, Home Sharing, and Outreach Support . Below is more information on these services. You can also view our brochure Residential Service Options.

Some people receive just a few hours of support in their home, while others need support 24 hours a day. No matter how much residential support you need, we will ensure that we actively support you to be comfortable at home and to have opportunities to learn new things and make decisions about your life. Whenever possible, you and your family are involved in choosing the person or people who support you. Then, using person-centred planning, we help you identify your personal goals, and design a plan to help you achieve them.

To learn more about Residential Services, call or email Marcela Herrera  or Brenda Henderson , Directors of Residential Community Inclusion.

Staffed Homes

Staffed homes provide you with the caring support staff you need to be healthy, safe and to care for your home, to communicate, to stay in touch with friends and family, to be a good neighbour, and to actively participate in your community.

The goal is always to help you to gain the skills you need to be in control of your own life. We also encourage family and friends  to be part of your life and help you to make decisions, if you want their help.

To learn more about Staffed Homes, call or email Marcela Herrera or Brenda Henderson, Directors of Residential Community Inclusion.

Supported Independent Living

Supported Independent Living (or Semi-Independent Living) is an option for people who want their own home and more independence, but still need some help with daily living. Support staff can assist you in your home and in the community with things like banking, medical appointments and cooking healthy meals.

Even if you have high physical support needs, Supported Independent Living can be possible for you, as long as you have the desire to live more independently and make choices for yourself.

To learn more about Supported Independent Living, call or email Brenda Henderson, Director of Residential Community Inclusion.

Home Sharing

Home Sharing is a unique lifestyle that is designed to meet the needs of people who want to share a home with a family, couple or single person who will assist them to build relationships and access their community. The Home Share provider may also help with self-care, meal preparation and the development of other life skills.

In a Home Sharing situation, the person receiving support and the Home Share provider or family live as equal participants in the home, sharing a close relationship that supports inclusion, growth and opportunity for all.

To learn more about Home Sharing, call or click here to email our Home Sharing Coordinators:

Julie MaximJudith Copeland or Christine Bateman

Becoming a Home Share Provider is a lifestyle choice that can be both challenging and extremely rewarding. If you are interested in becoming a Home Share Provider you can read more about the requirements  Home Share Brochure

Outreach Support

Outreach is a type of support that can help you to make a transition to a new service, such as HomeSsharing, or to a more independent living situation, like your own apartment.

These supports are goal-oriented and often in place for a specific length of time. Staff support you from your home or your family home, and help you to build relationships and independence skills.

For more information on Outreach Support contact Elke Tilgner, Director of Community Inclusion.